Swedish Armed Forces

Nordic Center for Gender in Military operations (NCGM)

Swedish Armed Forces
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About Swedish Armed Forces

The Swedish Armed Forces is a body subject to the Swedish Parliament and government. It is headed by the Supreme Commander who leads and supervises the Armed Forces through Armed Forces Headquarters. The Director General is deputy commander of the Armed Forces.


Swedish Armed Forces
Swedish Armed Forces
Swedish Armed Forces
What have we done

We have built a fully custom CRM/HR platform that helps NCGM and Swedish Armed Forces to keep track of all the registered Subject Matter Experts (SME). Sort of like a smaller version of a private LinkedIn.

Swedish Armed Forces
Profile and SME search made easy

When needed, NCGM admins can easily search and find the SME of a specific profile (allowing the advanced search through their Skills, Experience, etc.) in order to keep SMEs up-to-date with upcoming projects & trainings, legislation changes, job and development opportunities and much more.

Swedish Armed Forces
Maximum security

Working with the military organization, we have put extra emphasis on the security of the platform enforcing the best security practices and finally deploying the application to Azure cloud.